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March Adventures 2023!

Plant Path will have annuals soon! We are starting some Bakers Creek seeds mainly tomato and pepper varieties. A separate email will be sent out soon detailing the varieties including a small tomato plant that likes living in a smaller pot its whole life!

We have updated our display area to improve our air pruning ability with recycled plastic pallets. Doing so prevents a lot more deterioration of our biodegradable felt pots that can lose their bottoms after a few seasons on the bare ground.

We are starting to ball and burlap some 3 to 4 year old chestnut trees, some with massive 3 and a half foot taproots! Once we confirm their survival from the initial shock of the process we can sell them locally only, we will also offer a paid planting service for some of the more established root systems.

We have a lot of cutting propagation in the works including Figs (chicago hardy and Danny's Delight, dark cutleaf elderberry, Russian pomegranates, currants black and red, hardy kiwi, willows, gooseberry, josta berry, and grapes!

We have a new system for our groundnut propagation using our old chicken coop hoop/cattle panels and large felt pots in full sun! Soon we will have more LSU groundnuts genetics of experiments abandoned. Lets save these genetics of rigorously trialed groundnuts!

We have started a new more successful grafting process based around the aftercare, keeping the new grafts warm to form callus tissue more easily than potting up once the graft begins to take!

Thanks for taking the time and interest in Plant Path Nursery, have a great time!

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