Pecan Tree

Pecans are easily one of my favorite foods! Boasting a whopping 3100+ calories per pound, pecans are high in omega 3 fats, minerals, vitamins, and a great source of heart healthy protein.

With an average yield of over 1000 pounds per acre, pecans are a champion tree that adds both beauty and food to every landscape. Pecans prefer moist bottom lands and river floodplains, but their deep taproots enable them to tolerate a wide range of conditions.

All of our pecans are grown in air pruning beds for optimal taproot formation. In order to get a yield at least two varieties are necessary. Our cold hardy pecans, proven in Maryland's highly variable climate are all grown from seed, so each plant is guaranteed to be unique! 

Northern variety, 18-24" Tall, 1-2 Years old.

Pecan Tree

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