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Apple Orchard



Shipping Policy

We at Plant Path try to approach situations wholistically, we want our plants happy and healthy when they get to you so we only ship when the plants are most comfortable with temperatures and during or as a plant is breaking dormancy. Without following our recommended care we cannot guarantee our plants. We offer different plants that will require their own unique care once you receive them, the sooner the better. Our bare root trees and root divisions will want to have their roots healed into soil (ground or pot). While our more tropical plants cannot handle freezing temperatures (Turmeric & Chayote).

Return & Exchange Policy

If our plants arrive with issues please take photos and reach out to us as soon as you can, sometimes our plants do go through shock, such as sweet potato slips or bareroot trees. If recommended care is followed then you can reach out within 30 days we can refund or replace orders while shipping cost on replacements may not be included.

Wholesale Inquiries

We mainly focus on our nut producing trees so we focus our bulk discounts with our hickory (Carya) species and our chestnuts (Castanea) species. While other plants have similar bulk discounts we may not have as many in stock, please reach out if you have any questions!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

Growing Methods

Our Approach

We have a wholistic permaculture mindset which can feel like many inputs in the early stages but is followed by staggeringly exponential growth. At Plant Path there are no weeds only volunteers, that what we call them at least. Foraged foods are a huge interest of ours, come for a plant walk and dine on some delicious nutritious wild foods that can rival gourmet flavors. We want to grow what the life teeming all around our ecosystem wants, we want to grow the things that light us up and heighten our passion to fall in love with the life and people around us.

Our Methods

We use all organic inputs from gathered/donated leaf litter and wood chips (contact us if you'd like to dump leaf litter or wood chips). We collect a lot of our own seed stock for trees from the surrounding area. We grow a lot of tumeric and Chayote in a greenhouse at Plant Path, we use a lot of air pruning methods for our larger perennials; with custom built beds to fabric pots that prevent to much downward growth without damaging the root system. 

Visiting Us

Want to experience our permaculture lifestyle?

We offer farm and nursery tours, camping accommodations as well as plenty of sites for your own tent. There is an outdoor kitchen, composting toilet, and a good chance of amazing food to try! We are very close to the Appalachian trail and can provide an interesting stop near Burkittsville.

Plant Walks

We love sharing of passion and knowledge of foragable plants with anyone who wants to listen. If you come to volunteer and there are plants to take about we will, we also have plant walks scheduled sometimes, but if your really interested or maybe have a large group reach out for a personally scheduled walk.


Plant Education

As mentioned before volunteering will give you an awesome opportunity to learn about foragable plants. Depending on when you volunteer you might learn about plant propagation, grafting, preparation of wild foods,  bee keeping, and other permaculture practices. One of our favorite permaculture principles is obtain a yield, just don't forget to taste that yield!

Plantings, Consultation, and Land Evaluation 

We offer a basic free land evaluation upon request we do require your address for the evaluation. Any further consultation into land management and/or plantings will require an hourly rate. We can visit sites that are up to an hour away from Plant Path anything further might require more compensation for our travel expenses. We are open to some virtual consultations that will be limited in what we can offer due to the virtual nature of the service.

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