At Plant Path nursery we believe education is just as important as propagation, which is why we are offering a number of different workshops, plant walks, and even a full 72 hour permaculture design course in Maryland.

We aim to empower everyone in this world with the knowledge, understanding, and hands on experience necessary to create a life of abundance, diversity, and resilience. As such, we offer a range of educational offerings, and work trade options on many of our programs for those who have limited financial means. We will also put out video content that can be of benefit to anyone with access to the internet.


Our motto is "each one teach ten." 


In this simple and approachable way we can grow this movement exponentially and reach the whole world in less than a decade! Register today to join us in developing a truly regenerative culture. 

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Permaculture Design Course IN Maryland

Learn about forest gardening, landscape design, alternative energy solutions, foraging, mycology, sustainable living and much more. Inspired by traditional methods, adapted for future resilience.

Plant Path Nursery is practiced in permaculture approaches to growing edible and medicinal plants. From its Knoxville, MD farm it produces over 100 varieties of nuts, fruits, roots, herbs, and berries.

By studying permaculture, you can earn the methods, ideas, and best practices behind the farm.

What is Permaculture?


To put it simply, permaculture is a design science that aims to create a permanent culture. A way of caring for the earth and every living being, that can continue indefinitely.

In this 12 part series we will spend 72 hours covering every aspect of permaculture and going step-by-step through hands on projects. Students will be taught all of the necessary skills to move forward with confidence.


At the end of each session, we will be sending our students home with a new plant or mushroom species to incorporate into their own permaculture gardens. Our goal is to empower everyone with the knowledge, relationships, and experiences that enable us to live in a way that is regenerative and symbiotic.

Over the course of an entire growing season, we will meet one weekend each month (April-June and August-October) for a total of 12 six hour sessions on Saturdays & Sundays.

In this Permaculture Design Course we will Explore:

  • Water Management

  • Soil Building

  • Forest Gardening

  • Microclimates

  • Perennial Crops

  • Permaculture Business Plans

  • Fungi for the Future

  • Food Preservation

  • And Much, Much More!

Every day will include classroom time, interaction in the garden and a highlight plant of the day. Upon completion of the course, each student will receive a Permaculture Design Certificate and be able to design and install effective permaculture systems anywhere in the world.


It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. Attending a course like this is a powerful step to take on your Plant Path!


Dates for 2021 Permaculture Design Course in Maryland:

April 17 + 18, May 15 + 16, June 19 + 20, September 11 + 12, October 9 + 10, November 6 + 7​

Payment Plan: You can pay for your PDC in three installments, by using Affirm at checkout.

Scholarship Opportunity: Limited 50% scholarship and work trade opportunities available. See Scholarship Application.

Get Permaculture Certified!

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Meet your Teacher

Eric Joseph Lewis is a forager, permaculturist, and plant lover who has dedicated his life to deepening the relationship between people and plants.


Inspired by the wise words of Frank Cook, Eric first stepped on to the “Greenpath” in 2010.



Dive into applying permaculture perspectives and methods in popular ways by joining us for one or all of our Practical Permaculture series.

Practical Permaculture Series:


  1. Intro to Permaculture & Plant Propagation - 4/10/21

  2. Gardening Made Easy - 5/8/21

  3. Grafting 101 - 6/12/21

  4. DIY Sustainable Energy Alternatives - 9/25/21

  5. Getting Nutty with Permaculture - 10/23/21

Practical Permaculture classes are about 2-3 hours each on the second Saturday of each month, from 2 to 5pm.

Bring a friend or three, snacks to share, and note taking materials if they help you to learn. Audio and video recording is allowed and encouraged (please check in with the group to make sure everyone consents to be recorded and or photographed) especially if the content will be shared online. Donations are always welcomed but not required. Give what you can. Receive what you need. Be good family, all ways.

BONUS: After each Practical Permaculture class you can stick around for a Plant Walk for 1-2 hours, for free!

Register for the complete Practical Permaculture Series or for individual sessions, below!