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PERMACULTURE Farm & Nursery Consultant

Sustainable Farm Consulting Services

  • Starting or Growing an Orchard?

  • Operating a Plant Nursery?

  • Planning a Food Forest?

  • Interested to produce food for your family, community, or business that lasts generations?

  • Need Expertise to select the right plants, growing methods, and strategies to maximize yields?

  • Wanting to be more sustainable and cost effective?


Work with an expert Nursery Consultant from Plant Path Nursery to advise your sustainable farm to thrive!


Sustainable Farm Consulting Services

Caring for your Plants and Future, just like our own.

Plant Path Nursery is practiced in sustainable, regenerative, permaculture approaches to growing plants.

From its Knoxville, MD organic farm it produces over 100 varieties of nuts, fruits, roots, herbs, and berries. Plant Path also provides Educational experiences, and offers sustainable farm Consulting services.

Consultants can assist you with:

  • Permaculture Design Plans

  • Species Selection for Your Conditions

  • Fertilization, Watering, and Maintenance Plan

  • Nursery Plan & Timeline Evaluation

  • Cost, Yield, & Profit Projections

  • Services based on your Needs

Call 844-888-0401 or Contact us to discuss how we can assist your sustainable farm, orchard, backyard, or community project!

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