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At Plant Path Nursery we believe that nuts, fruits, and perennial vegetables, with a focus on natives, are the future of food.


We work hard to track down the best genetics, from the most delicious, nutritious, and productive plants around.


We are passionate about helping humanity transition from destructive factory farmed, petrochemical mono-crops, to a food system that is centered around long lived trees and perennial vegetables.


We want to see corn, wheat and soy be replaced with chestnuts, hazelnuts, and pecans, and the American lawn transformed into forest gardens and beds.


This is why we put as much energy into education as we do propagation!


We are eager to help anyone who wants to transform their lawn into a garden, or their field into an orchard.


Together we can grow a regenerative future.


we manage our Nursery and food forest using Regenerative Methods

We recognize our inherent connection to nature and the world all around us and commit ourselves to stewardship and cultivating a harmonious and symbiotic relationship with the natural world. We do this by planting diverse and perennial food systems, helping to inspire others to connect with nature and striving to be as self sufficient and regenerative in our lives as possible. 

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Our Values

Community - We are all in this together and need to collaborate to restore the beauty in life and the bountiful forests & ecosystems of the Mid-Atlantic and beyond. It takes a village to steward land in a sustainable, loving manner and create resilient, perennial food systems. We connect and collaborate with other individuals and organizations doing this work in order to bring the vision to life.

Regeneration - Regenerative farming cultivates greater biodiversity, complexity and fertility for the land. We build and protect the soil by avoiding tillage, using heavy mulch and compost, & focusing on perennials and long-lived tree crops. These practices and more enrich the soil, capture carbon from the air and also provide food and habitat. 

Biodiversity - We plant diverse, multi-species gardens and orchards, collecting the best plant genetics to offer at our nursery. We believe diversity of plant life, human life and all life is extremely important and we prioritize it on our farm, in our community and in the projects we take on.

Organic - There are no petrochemicals or other chemical toxins added to our soil as pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers. We deter pests, manage weeds, and add fertility to the soil through holistic, regenerative approaches such as sheet mulching, composting and companion planting. 

Local - Food security starts with the community and the region you live in. If we can help people to grow nutritious food in their backyards, communities and farms, we can build resiliency, relationships, and circulate value locally. We also focus on cultivating many local plant species native to the mid-atlantic region.


We support each other in the patient and rewarding work of nurturing plants and soil. Meet our team on Market Days or Plant Walks. Join our team for Wednesday volunteer days.


From left to right:


Dan Blackmore

Eric Joseph Lewis

Lisa Blackmore

Austin Egan

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Market Days

Buy Trees and Perennials


March - November

Tues, Wed - 9 am - 5 pm

Or reach out and schedule an appointment we are flexible!

Tour the Farm and Learn Plants

Reach out if you're interested we love teaching folks!

Volunteer to Learn

or Join the Team


We offer Land CONSULTation services!

We believe in sharing knowledge about growing plants, so that we can all do it more effectively.

Plant Path offers professional Consultations on Nursery, Organic Farm and Food Forest systems.

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