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Ground Nuts

This dainty pea family vine is as beautiful as it is delicious!


The starchy tubers range in size from a few grams to as much as 18 ounces, and offer a nutty rich flavor that compliments a wide range of vegetables.


Apios Americana is a native perennial that is easy to grow, and loves to climb. Despite being light and gentle enough to crawl up a sunflower, or corn stalk, it is also extremely vigorous and highly productive. Plant comes as a tuber.


On top of that, this incredible friend can grow in both dry upland habitats, and wet lowlands. They also tolerate a wide range of soil types, from the wet sandy loam of a riverside, to the compacted clay of a suburban lawn, these plants are survivors.


Ground Nut Plants - Buy Groundnut Online!




Dr Duke’s Delight:


A wild triploid selection made by Dr James Duke himself! This variety is a consistent producer that thrives in most any conditions. The largest tubers i have seen to date both came from 3 year old plants of this variety (17 and 18 ounces respectively).


Jim has always been great teacher and inspiration to plant lovers all over the world, and we are glad to honor him by spreading one of his favorite wild edibles of all time.  


LSU Prolific:


Description coming soon!

Ground Nuts


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