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These seedlings are from nuts we ordered from a west coast breeder who focuses on blight resistant European varieties. Jefferson is one of there main genetics with a dozen or so other blight resistant pollen parents.

Being seedlings anyone of them could become the next blight resistant champion in the European hazelnut world!

European genetics are worth incorporating in any hazelnut orchard or planting because they have large thin shelled nuts and are very productive. European hazelnuts are one of the most productive nut producing shrubs in the world! Boasting a whopping 1500-4000 pounds per acre. At 2800 calories per pound, these nuts are an essential part of creating a more sustainable global food system. Not to mention they have more antioxidants pounds for pound than blueberries and a fat profile that is dominated by health promoting omega 9 monounsaturated fat.

European hazelnut seedlings


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