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Hazelnut Shrub

Choice Hybrid Hazelnut varieties selected for productivity and blight resistance!


The Beast & Grand Traverse from the breeding project at Oregon state university.


  • The Beast can be pruned into a tree form or left to grow with a multistem native style of growth habitat. 75% European, and 25% American genetics.


  • Grand traverse has some Turkish tree hazel (Corylus corlurna) genetics that almost eliminates the suckering multistem growth habitat in favor of a 30-40 foot tall tree form hazelnut.


  • Both have large nuts that are well suited to commercial scale production or backyard edible landscaping.


  • We recommend planting at least one of each variety for good cross pollination and maximum production.



Hunterdom, Raritan & Somerset Hazelnut varieties from North American Plants


  • More information coming soon on Hunterdon, Raritan & Somerset, you can also refer to North American Plants website for more info



Seedling Hybrid Filberts and American Hazelnuts started in our air pruning beds at Plant Path!


Hazelnut Shrub