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Jiaogulan is the long fabled herb of immortality from the folk traditions of China.


Gynostemma Pentaphyllum is an herb in the cucumber family contains a chemistry that is incredibly similar to ginseng. In fact, on the level of chemical diversity, this plant has 80+ gypenosides, where ginseng possesses only 36 ginsenosides.


Best of all the medicine in this weedy exotic plant is contained in the leaves, so harvest doesn't injure the plant at all. According to one of my all time favorite herbalists, Joe Hollis of Mountain Gardens, this is the best herb to grow for one's overall health and well being.


Jiaogulan Plant for Sale


Cultivation is easy, maybe a little too easy!


This plant can spread rapidly and will happily root itself anywhere it touches the soil, and it will quickly climb up any woody plants nearby. I recommend growing this one in large pots, or as a ground cover in "island" - beds where the surrounding area will be mowed or is permanently impervious (ie a house foundation, driveway, walk way, etc).


If you want abundant harvests from this plant, just give it a place in your garden and watch it work it's magic! Plant comes as 4-6" bare root.