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Turmeric is possibly one of the most important medicinal herbs one can grow. At Plant Path Nursery it’s one of the most important plant allies that we cultivate!  Even though it is more typically grown in tropical and subtropical climates, it does surprisingly well in temperate regions like the mid atlantic and Appalachian mountains, especially if it is grown in high tunnels or greenhouses. The key to cultivation is planting deep (6-12” is excellent) in well draining soil (this cannot be emphasized enough, turmeric deeply resents wet feet and is prone to rotting in conditions of excess moisture), with generous mulch (2-6” preferably shredded leaves), and a mid season top dressing of compost when the plants are waist to chest high in July. 


Curcuma Longa is widely known as an anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antioxidant herb, but that is only the beginning of a seemingly endless list of ailments that turmeric can help us to overcome.


It can help to increase bdnf and helps to clear beta amyloid plaques from the brain (one of the primary causes of alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases).


Beyond its incredible herbal abilities turmeric is an absolute joy to have in the garden! It is beautiful, drought tolerant, deer, vole, and rabbit resistant, and in the right conditions surprisingly productive. 




Indira Yellow


Easily the most productive variety we grow! Indira is a beast that loves full sun and rich well drained soil, and often grows to be 6 feet tall or more. Our highest yielding plant in 2020 produced a total of 6 pounds from one corm ~4oz.


Whether you are looking for a deer resistant ornamental or a champion for farm scale production, Indira yellow is the way to go. 


Hawaiian Red


A deep orange variety with plump rounded fingers and less bitterness than any of the other varieties I've tasted. Despite the plants being slightly smaller above ground, this variety is almost as productive as Indira yellow with the top plant of 2020 yielding exactly 5.5 pounds.


For fresh culinary applications such as kimchi, fire cider, golden milk or just plain old raw eating (the flavor is something like an earthy carrot with a little bit of spice) this is my go to variety.


1 Pound

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