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Pear Tree

Grafted Pear Trees!


Choice grafted Pear varieties (mostly Asian pear) on hardy disease resistant rootstock (OH x F87 semidwarf). Zones 5-8


Chojuro -  Green to yellow brown russeted skin surrounds crisp, juicy, flavorful white flesh.  A popular variety known for its butterscotch flavor.  A pollinator is required, ideally another pear variety.

Magness - medium sized pear with greenish-brown skin covered with light russet.  Flesh is soft, juicy and almost free of grit cells.  This pear does not produce good pollen and should not be used as a pollenizer.

Moonglow -  Tree produces large pears with brownish-green skin.  Soft, juicy flesh is nearly free of grit and has a sweet mild flavor.  The moon glow pear tree is a good pollinator.

Niikata - The fruit is exceptionally large with an orange-brown russet that is speckled with prominent lenticels.  Firm, crisp and juicy.  It is pollen sterile, but sets very well when a pollenizer is present.

Potomac - Cross between a Moonglow and Anjou and it is Anjou-like in form and flavor.  The skin is glossy green and the flesh is fine, aromatic and buttery.  This pear is not self-fertile and will need a pollination partner.

Pear Tree

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